We provide this system along with other Engine Management Systems

What is a Unichip?

The Unichip is a fully programmable engine management system which allows over 400 fuel and ignition parameters to be altered through a vehicle’s standard Engine Control Unit (ECU) to deliver maximum power, optimised driveability and improved fuel economy. Unlike other performance chips, the Unichip is not a replacement pre-programmed chip that is made to fit all vehicles of the same sort. The Unichip works in conjunction with the standard ECU and is mapped on your engine while on a chassis dynamometer to obtain the safest maximum power, torque and optimum fuel economy.

Why should I install a Unichip in my vehicle?

The most obvious reason is to increase engine performance. Significant gains in torque and power across the
entire RPM range are possible. Additionally, the engine will be smoother, deliver greater response and maximise
fuel efficiency at all RPM and throttle positions. Another reason is to harness the performance value of engine and
exhaust modifications.Standard engine management systems are not programmed to cater for exhaust branches,
gas flowed cylinder heads, high performance air filters or reprofiled camshafts.

How does the Unichip increase power & torque?

Every engine requires optimum ignition timing and air/fuel ratio at all RPM and load conditions. The Unichip gives
the experienced dynamometer technician the access to and ability to adjust and optimise both the ignition and
fuel system. The Unichip has 17 RPM sites between 500 RPM and 8000 RPM and 12 load sites between zero
throttle position and wide-open throttle position. This equates to over 200 possible adjustments for fuel and a
further 200 or more adjustments for ignition timing.

How much extra power can I expect from the Unichip?

Power gains of 10kW-30kW are common place, as measured by an accurate chassis dynamometer. Whilst less
common, power gains of 50kW have been verified. The exact power gain however depends on the design and
condition of the engine and the factory calibration of the ECU. No two engines are identical. The Unichip results
represent the optimisation of each individual engine and are verified by before and after dynamometer tests
measured at 100% throttle opening across the entire rev range.

Will Unichip improve my car’s fuel economy?

Yes. In most driving conditions, the Unichip will improve fuel economy. Many modern fuel injected (EFI) vehicles
waste fuel by running very rich air/fuel ratios at part throttle openings. With the Unichip, it is a simple procedure to
correctly adjust the air/fuel ratio over 12 throttle positions and maximise the fuel economy for cruising at part

How is the Unichip different from other “performance chips”?

The Unichip is a supplementary engine management system. As such, it is far more advanced than “generic
plug-in performance chip” products. It is individually programmable to meet the requirements of the engine and
the driver. Being fully adjustable, the Unichip can cater for non-standard, current and future engine modifications.
Best of all, the Unichip can deliver the most personalised power result every time (uniquely tuned for fuel type and
rating, and even particular ambient conditions of operation)..

What are the engine management advantages of Unichip?

Unlike many other engine management systems, the Unichip does not alter the cold start, knock sensors, water
temperature sensors, air temperature sensors or oxygen sensors. All remain genuine components. A major
advantage of the Unichip is that it works in conjunction with the factory ECU to enhance and unleash the best
possible performance result without compromising engine durability.

Is the original factory engine control unit modified by installing Unichip?

No. The Unichip is a supplementary computer which is programmed to contain the optimum fuel and ignition
adjustments for each individual engine. The factory engine management control unit is not altered in any way.
The Unichip is simply wired into the existing original factory ECU.

Is the Unichip suitable for all EFI cars?

Most EFI cars, whether normally aspirated, turbocharged, supercharged, with 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 or 12 cylinders
respond brilliantly to Unichip enhancement.

Unichip real-time tuning – What does this mean?

Real time tuning describes the process whereby adjustments are made to the ignition timing and air/fuel ratio
whilst running the vehicle on a chassis dynamometer. In doing so, the technician can optimise power output at
any RPM point. For example, if we run the vehicle at 2000rpm, we can increase the ignition timing to the point of
maximum power before reaching combustion detonation. The same practice applies to the air/fuel ratio. We can
clearly see, by watching the dynamometer power graph, what air/fuel ratio produces the highest power at

Is it safe to tune my car on a Dynamometer?

Yes, it is safe. A dynamometer does not create any greater load on the engine than what you experience in
normal driving conditions. Very efficient cooling fans are utilised to ensure safe engine temperature control.

Does the Unichip need to be serviced or retuned?

There is no need to re-adjust the Unichip unless the engine has been modified. It is nearly impossible for the
Unichip data to change after the Unichip ECU has been programmed, causing the engine to be detuned. It is
possible however for the fuel pressure to drop (if the fuel pump deteriorates) which would cause the engine to run
a leaner air/fuel ratio than normal. Other items such as fuel injectors and spark plugs will need servicing from
time to time which will also change the state of engine tune.

Should I use unleaded or leaded fuel with the Unichip?

Your engine should always be tuned using the fuel which you intend to use day to day. Leaded fuel will always
produce the best power result, as it will allow the engine to use all of the ignition timing in the timing map. As
most modern EFI engines utilise knock sensors, if you change from leaded to unleaded, the engine’s knock
sensors will detect detonation and reduce timing accordingly, resulting in a loss of power.

Where is the Unichip installed?

The Unichip ECU is usually fitted next to the factory engine control unit. The Unichip ECU is marginally larger
than a cigarette pack. Dimensions are 160mm length x 80mm height x 20mm width.

How much time is required to install Unichip?

This depends on the engine configuration and whether the engine is standard or modified, normally aspirated or
turbocharged, two or four wheel drive. A vehicle which is factory standard normally aspirated two wheel drive can
be completed in 3 hours. A more sophisticated vehicle such as a 993 Twin Turbo Porsche may take up to 6 hours
due to the extra mapping of turbocharger pressure.

Can Unichip be removed and reinstalled on another car?

Removing the Unichip is a simple 15 to 30 minute procedure. Once the Unichip is removed, the factory engine
control unit is returned to standard condition. It is possible that the Unichip will be suitable for your next car,
albeit appropriately reprogrammed. There are four popular variants of Unichip hardware.

Dastek Unichip

Welcome to the new age of tuning computerised vehicles. Over the years the coming of the computer did marvels
for the automotive industry. Unfortunately workshops lost all control over the tuning of these vehicles. Even the
slightest idling problem cannot be cured by the non-franchised workshop. In most cases even the authorised
agents cannot cure these problems. In short, the tuning of computerised vehicles became nearly impossible.

The UNICHIP gives the properly trained technician full control over the timing and mixture functions of most
electronically controlled vehicles. Not only can mixtures and timing be set, but also it can be set under various
load and RPM conditions. This gives one the ability to optimise the vehicle for economy under light load
conditions and set it up for optimum performance under full-throttle conditions.

The UNICHIP is much more than just a “chip”. In actual fact it is a fully functioning computer which is added to the
vehicle’s existing engine control unit (ECU). Apart from controlling general timing and mixtures it can do idling
control, drive extra injectors, take full control over timing functions, eliminate road speed governors etc. It can be
accurately described as a “Piggyback” computer.

The UNICHIP gets wired into the existing ECU harness. If it is removed the vehicle is back to standard. Unlike
other after-market units if the UNICHIP is programmed with zeros the vehicle will be standard. Only areas where
the vehicle isn’t perfect need to be altered.

The main difference between other after-market “chips” and the UNICHIP is that with the UNICHIP every individual
vehicle is optimised. It is not just a chip that was made on one particular vehicle and then gets used on other
similar vehicles.

Check out the feature list below and compare it to any other engine management upgrade – we’re sure you’ll be impressed.
  • ŸVariable valve timing adjustment
  • Rev limit adjustment
  • ŸBoost limit & level adjustment
  • ŸDual maps for use with different fuel grades & types
  • ŸWater Injection
  • ŸNitrous oxide progressive injection
  • ŸBigger/supplementary injector handling
  • ŸVariable induction control
  • ŸLaunch control for turbo vehicles
  • ŸFull throttle gear changes
  • ŸRoad speed limiter removal
  • ŸSpeedo conversion for imports
  • Shift light
  • ŸIdle speed stabilisation
UNICHIP works with the vast majority of the cars on the road today. If you drive a fuel injected car, chances are we can improve its power, torque and economy with the UNICHIP.