Service Repair




  • Fit new spark plugs (if applicable)
  • Fit new distributor points and condenser (if applicable)
  • Check electrical system
  • Computerise tuning check
  • Adjust hand and foot brakes
  • Change brake fluid
  • Change engine oil and oil filter
  • Check gearbox and differential oil levels
  • Check coolant strength
  • Grease suspension / steering joints if applicable
  • Clean and treat battery terminals
  • Test battery
  • Check battery electrolyte levels and top up
  • Check air filter element
  • Adjust fan and other v-belts
  • Visual check on drive line, steering, fuel lines, cooling system and brake lines
  • Fit Fuel Filter (if applicable)
  • Report any defects noted
  • Road Test
  • Wash and vacuum car
During a service a comprehensive check sheet is used by the technician, including:

Tune Serv technicians will inspect your brakes at every scheduled service but if you are in any doubt then
please pop in for a courtesy inspection. Our trained technicians can then advise you of the best solution for any
braking problems and arrange for the work to be carried out at your convenience. Our brake service will include
the checking and replacement of brake fluid if required. This is important as brake fluid becomes less effective
with age and thus impairs braking efficiency.

Tyres and Wheel Balancing

Tyres require regular attention to perform safely and efficiently. They also contribute to the cars comfort, fuel
consumption and reduction in road noise. You drive, accelerate, brake and steer your car through four small areas
of contact that your tyres have with the road. They are one of the most important parts of your car and quite often
are one of the most neglected.

Suspension and Steering

Modern suspension and steering systems are made up of many parts and these should be checked periodically.
Defective shock absorbers, springs, bushes, ball joints or any other steering part can result in poor handling,
uneven tyre wear, knocking noises, less efficient braking and uncomfortable driving and could ultimately result in
the loss of control of your car.  At Tune Serv our technicians are trained to inspect the suspension and steering
on every service.